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Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380052 - India

ExperienceExpert media transcribers at Hi-Tech Transcription Services in India offers highly accurate, on time and low cost transcription services for transcribing and converting documentaries, video clips, films, podcasts, chat shows, television shows, reality shows, news, talk shows, radio broadcasts, media interviews, journalist interview transcripts, video taped events, raw footage etc into text.
Educationfilm/TV/media transcription services India to top-name film, television and media clients across Houston, Malaysia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Denver, Michigan, Australia, Dubai, Toronto, Italy, Germany, France, Canada etc. Be a proud client of HTS and save up to 60% film/ TV/ media transcribing cost. Start with a FREE TRIAL, Visit for more details.

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380052 - India

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