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I want to be a part of team of passionate people to work with and learn from. I have been on a search to find these people since I graduated from Appalachian State University with a Master’s degree in Appalachian Studies and Bachelor’s degree in Communication: Electronic Media in the summer of 2011. As an undergraduate I worked toward understanding radio, but after working in video classes I found an interest in arranging stories in an artful and creative way.

I have worked as a freelance videographer for two years directing, shooting, editing, and writing the majority of the documentaries, and band and organization promotional videos I was contracted to make. I invested in my own camera, computer, tripod, and microphones to expand my practice of video making. I lived in Whitesburg, Kentucky where I learned from non-profit media professionals at Appalshop and I worked with award winning documentarian Mimi Pickering. Continuing my journey to learn more about filmmaking, I moved to New Hampshire as an intern at Florentine Films where Ken Burns continues to produce a catalog of masterpieces.

As a graduate student, my documentary, “Denton FarmPark: Living History,” won first at the Blue Mountain Film Festival at Appalachian State University and as a junior undergraduate I produced a radio documentary about North Carolina 4-H that won second at the Broadcast Media Educator’s national student competition. I learned the importance of service through my 14 years in 4-H, serving the youth of North Carolina as the State Vice-President. During my graduate career, I saw a need in my Old-Time Traditions class to help teach and assist my fellow students with video assignments, which consisted of advising each student how to use Final Cut Pro and edit footage effectively. I also served as volunteer videographer for the class. For these actions I received the “Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award.” This award is given to the student who works to enhance graduate education at Appalachian without receiving credit or compensation.

My ambition is work hard contributing to and serving society, whether it is working as a filmmaker, musician, teacher, or janitor. The 4-H motto is “To Make the Best Better” and it has become my mantra. I’m excited about the potential opportunity to work with you as a filmmaker, artist, and storyteller and “to make the best better” at your organization.

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Rebecca Jones Demo Reel
These clips are from videos I have shot, edited, directed, written, and narrated over the last 3 years. I usually work as a one-woman band.... more

Florentine Films Walpole, NH September
EducationAppalachian State University Boone, NC Graduation: May 2009
Bachelor of Science
SpecialityI have worked as a freelance videographer directing, editing, shooting, writing and narrating projects in North Carolina for the last 2 years.
Hardware ProficiencyI shoot on a Panasonic HMC 150 and use a Sony ECM-674/9X Shotgun Mic .
Software ProficiencyI use an iMac and Final Cut Pro to edit projects.

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593 Cedar Springs Road - Lexington, North Carolina - 27292 - United States

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