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I was born in France and lived abroad with my French family. Having been placed in American schools from a young age, I became bilingual as well as bicultural. As a result of traveling between France and England for work and studies, my vocabulary is fresh and in tune with the constantly changing expressions of every-day language. I am fluent in conversational Portuguese due to my passion for Brazil, and understand Spanish. My years growing up in the Middle East have left me some basic Arabic greetings and phrases.
ExperienceScript Translations/Adaptations (E=English, F=French, -> = translated into)
Pothole Productions - Crowd Funding Campaign for short film (5000 E -> F)
Moving Theatre Co. - Commissioned to adapt a Play: “Carmen” (19,000 E -> F) 2010-12 Millimages - 52 episodes of cartoon series: “Me & My Robot” (200,000 F -> E)
Yahoo & Diet Coke - “Style it Light Fashion” (10,000 E -> F / F-> E)
Figasso Prod. - Commissioned to adapt a Play: “Cosmopolitan” (17,500 F -> E)
Translation of short film script “The Wooden Sword” (5,000 E->F)
XD Production - Keolis Tramway Company Presentation (10,000 words F -> E)
SiteTagger - Translation of Website (3,000 E -> F)
PokerStars/FullTilt Poker - Translation of full Websites (100,000 words E -> F) Good Relations Bell Pottinger - Congo Presidential Speech (2,000 words E->F)
Transglobal - Various website contents (3,000 words F -> E)
Yahoo Nissan - «Simplicity» Internet Commercial - Translation of full campaign. Online Presenter and Voice over for the French Version (10,000 words E -> F)
Lagardere Entertainment and Canal Plus - Script Outline/Synopsis for «The Borgias» - (100,000 words E -> F)
Product Outline for «Europol» - ( 500 words E -> F)
Lagardere Active - Detailed Company Brochure - (3000 words F -> E)
Claude Meunet (Private contract) Film Festival Brochure - (10,000 words F -> E)

Voice Overs
IKAZ - Corporate video for OECD (English)
Euro-Com E-learning “Project Manager” course (100,000 words - French)
Various other international projects (50,000 words - French/English)
Moravia : Synchronised Voice-Overs (50,000 words French)
Yahoo Nissan «Simplicity» Internet Commercial - Translation of full campaign. Online Presenter and Voice-over for the French Version (10,000 words - French)

Subtitling / Transcription
Sundial Prod : Video Transcription on multiple projects (500,000 words F&E) !
PVK Pictures : Translation and subs for “Unfriend” Feature Film (20,000 E->F)
Pothole Productions : Translation and subs for “The Dreamer” Short Film (1,000 F->E)
Moravia : Interview Transcriptions (10,000 words English)
Yahoo & Diet Coke : “Style it Light” videos - Transcription (20,000 words F&E)
Education2001-04 BA Acting, GSA, Surrey University, England UK.
2000-01 1st year of Portuguese/French LEA at La Sorbonne, Paris III
1996-2000 Baccalauréat International, Literature and Languages, American Section, Lycee International de St. Germain-en-Laye, France.
1986-96 American Schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Muscat, Sultanate of OMAN.
SpecialityI specialise in transcription, translation and subtitling for the film industry. I have worked on fiction as well as on documentaries.

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133 mount view road - London, England - United Kingdom

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