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Naples, Florida - United States

I've been a digital artist in the South Florida market for a variety of notable clients. After graduating the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2006 with a 3.3 GPA and a Bachelors in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. I worked for various advertising outlets and production companies doing photo-realistic architectural rendering, compositing, audio & video editing, motion graphics, as well as 2D and 3D graphics for print and television. Some clients include but are not limited to: Starmark Internation; Brown, Parker & DeMarinis Advertising; Virtual 3D, Inc.; Five-Star Productions.

My most notable employment was for Digital Domain Media Group. I started as a trainee in the Digital Domain Boot Camp with Mike Lusby. While excelling in the Boot Camp program I was asked to assist Annie Capps in the training of my other Boot Campers. After completing the Boot Camp and stereoscopic training I focused and honed my skills as an Associate Digital Artist resulting in my promotion to Team Lead 2nd. As Team Lead 2nd, I managed and mentored a team of four digital paint artists and compositors on Transformers 3 directly. In addition I was still assisting my original Team Lead with the management of her own team of five artists. When Rock of Ages started I was asked to be acting Lead Paint artist on the Greatest of All Time stereoscopic demo reel. I headed up the paint and compositing on that project till the move to Tradition Studio. I continued on as a stereoscopic compositor under Claudio until, in August I was selected to become an Adjunct Instructor for the Fall term for the Digital Domain Institute's Essential Skills Digital Compositing course. My duties as Adjunct Instructor was to pick up Barry, Phil and Dan's work on the course and continue the development of curriculum and exercises for instruction and grading.

Before working for DDMG I had spent the previous four years working as a freelance artist for several advertising agencies. Most recent was Starmark International, who's clients include the City of Ft Lauderdale and Seaworld. For about a three month period I worked on motion graphics for the Broward Center for Performing Arts, audio/video editing for an appliance warranty firm, as well as photo manipulation and print layout for Starmark's graphic design department.

Previous to Starmark was Brown, Parker & DeMarinis advertising, where I spent two years as a freelance artist. My business relation with BPD Advertising started when I quoted and installed a post-production pipeline. This included three machines, a dedicated server, render node and online video editing suite. The pipeline was using Adobe Creative Suite for image and graphics, 3D Studio Max with V-Ray as a 3D solution and two editing packages, Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. After the install I continued on to produce 20 commercials, 30+ high res 3D graphics used for print and web, and I helped the graphic design department with their print layout and re-sizing.

My first job in Visual Effects was doing photo-realistic architectural modeling and rending for Virtual 3D, Inc. While spending nine months there I handled six projects on my own from start to finish, as well as worked on five others in various capacities. For each project we had to clean up the AutoCAD file and prepare it for import into 3D Studio Max. Once in 3DS Max, we used spline and poly modeling to do a complete, to scale build out of the plans. Then texture and light the building based on real world parameters taking into account the builders preferences in types of lighting. Using libraries of furniture we modeled in our down time, we then do the interior decor ourselves or work with the interior designer. Once everything was in place and approved we created the camera's for the fly-through and different studies, and render to the farm as image sequences. The final composite was done in After Effects and either published to DVD or the web.

I am interested in job openings for both freelance or part/full time work in editing (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier & Avid Media Composer), compositing (Nuke, Shake & After Effects), motion graphics (Apple Motion & After Effects), match moving & tracking, matte extraction (Blue/Green Screen), hard-surface modeling (3DS Max), texturing (3DS max), lighting & rendering in V-Ray as well. Due to NDA requirements certain materials are not posted publicly, however, should a need present itself, please contact me to receive a private link to those materials.


Scott Mathews
Experience1 Month Digital Domain Institute Adjunct Instructor - Digital Compositing (Nuke), Curriculum Developement

8 Months Digital Domain Media Group Stereoscopic Compositor - 2D & Stereoscopic Compositor, Camera Tracking

8 Months Digital Domain Media Group Team Lead 2nd - Digital Paint, Stereoscopic Comopositor, Camera Tracking, Bidding and Shot Assignment, Assistant Lead Stereoscopic Compositor

6 Months Digital Domain Media Group Associate Digital Artist - Digital Paint, Stereoscopic Comopositor,
Camera Tracking, Match Moving, Peer Training

3 Monts Starmark Internation - 3D Rendering, Motion Graphics, Audio/ Video
Production, Graphic Design, Layout & Print Production

4 Months University of Miami Senior Graphic Designer - 2D/3D Medical Illustration, Video Production, Print
- Dept. of Neurosurgery Design amd Layout, Power Point Presentations, Inter-Operative Photography

15 Months BPD Advertising Freelance - IT Consultant, 3D Rendering, Motion Graphics, Audio/ Video
Production, Graphic Design, Layout & Print Production

9 Months Virtual 3D Junior Artist - Architectural Rending, Compositor, 3D Tracking

5 Months 5 Star Productions Internship - 3D Artist, Compositor, Motion Graphics

4 Months The Tube TV Network Internship - On-air Id’s
EducationThe Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale
• Bachelors of Science, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Final GPA: 3.3
Graduated June 2006

Lead Stereoscopic Compositor - Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Academy Award Nominated - Visual Effects)

Lead Stereoscopic Compositor - Smurfs
Digital Paint
Architectural Visualization
Hardware ProficiencyWindows
Software Proficiency• 3D Studio Max 7.0

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Naples, Florida - United States

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