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3D Concept Design and Development


San Francisco, California - United States

Strong and reliable 3D Generalist who is proficient in Maya.
Many years experience as a Lighting and Compositing TD.
Experienced with using AfterEffects, Premiere and Photoshop.
I have a good eye for composition and Shot Creation.
Able to create dynamic cinematic sequences using traditional film making techniques.
Good at finding innovative solutions for difficult shots.
I work well with others.

Demo Reel:
3D Generalist
Details Of Work
This is a compilation of some of my work as a CG generalist.
Star Wars "The Attack of the Clones" I worked at ILM and compositing as a lighting TD
Lord Of The Rings "The Two Towers" I worked as a Lighting and Compositing TD.
"The Mummy Returns" I worked as... more

ExperienceOver 15 years of experience working for some of the best studios in the world including Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital and Animal Logic. I have worked on feature films such as "Lord Of The Rings", "Star Wars" and "Day After Tomorrow". Also worked on numerous high end TV commercials and most recently worked as a 3D Story Artist on the CG TV Show called "The Clone Wars".
I am a strong 3D Generalist who can Model, Rig, Animate, Light, Composite and Design Cinematic Sequences.

In a rapidly evolving industry I make it my priority to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. With many years of experience under my belt I can be relied upon to take a project from concept to completion. I would be also available for consultant work.

Education Associate Diploma in Film & TV Design at the Perth Central Metropolitan College in Western Australia
SpecialityCinematic Layout and Pre Visualization. 3D Generalist who's strengths lie in Lighting and Look Development.
Software ProficiencyAutodesk Maya 3D,
Learning new software is part of my Job as a 3D Generalist.

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Submitted by on Oct 23, 2012
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San Francisco, California - United States

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