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Martin Lisius likes stormy weather. To prove it, he founded StormStock, the world's largest storm footage library in 1993 - a collection of extreme weather on Super 35mm and HD. StormStock imagery is licensed by media professionals worldwide who require high impact visuals.

Martin produced, directed and wrote several award-winning television programs relating to severe weather including "The Chasers of Tornado Alley" in 1995. The same year, he worked as a technical advisor for the Warner Bros. box office hit "Twister."

Martin is responsible for photographing the first-ever violent class tornado on 35mm motion picture film (1998), the only 35mm footage of Hurricane Katrina making landfall (2005), and the first tornado in 3D (2011).

ExperienceExperience shooting on video and 35mm motion picture film, writing, producing, directing and editing since 1984. Produced and directed numerous project for TV and other applications including documentaries, entertainment, educational and promotional.
EducationBA Communications - TV Film Production, University of Texas at Arlington, 1986

Two cable ACE's and several Tellys and other awards for producing.
SpecialityFilm and television production, cinematography, stock footage, footage research, rights and clearances, marketing, technical advisor, advertising, compositing, visual effects - VFX, post production, adventure travel, meteorology, education, archives, licensing, business affairs.
Hardware ProficiencyRED, Sony, Arriflex 35, any video camera, Mac, PC
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro, Apple Compressor, Avid, Photoshop

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PO Box 122020 - Arlington, Texas - 76012 - United States

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