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Iggi White Musicians

Iggi White Musicians


Beijing, China

Demo Reel:
White Cats Band show at China PALM EXPO 2014_3
White Cats Band show at China PALM EXPO 2014... more

Experience I am professional guitar player,
more than 20 years of experience with many bands from duo
to big-band, onstage and at studios
as a session guitarist, composer and arranger, many styles like
rock, jazz, blues, country etc.
Also I compose music, make arrangements.
I play instrumental sets of guitar heroes music such
as Carlos Santana, George Benson, Richie Blackmore, Joe Satriani,
Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen etc,
and world famous melodies) with backingtracks.
I have skills of working as a sound engineer,
guitars and guitar equipment expert.
EducationKrasnoyarsk University of Art 1991
SpecialityElectric guitar

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Submitted by on Nov 2, 2012
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Beijing, China

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