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Ö Stuudio Recording Studios

Recording Studios

Pikk 61 - Tartu, Tartumaa - Estonia

ExperienceWe have been in business since 2008. Woked with independent artists and lebels. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered over 20 albums and hunderd of songs. In collaboratin with different artists and companies created music/audio themes and VO`s for movies and TV programs.
EducationNo professional degree.
SpecialityEssentially focused on music recording and mixing.
Hardware ProficiencyRecording
Mackie Onyx 1640 mixer, 16 inputs
Presonus Faderport console,
Sound Processing: JOEMEEK TwinQ, SPL Charisma, SPL Transient Designer, ART TPS II, Lexicon MX300
Monitors: KRK VXT8, Phonic P8A
Beyerdynamic DT100 recording headphones
ExtremeIsolation EX29 recording headphones
Technics RP-F880 monitoring headphones
Behringer Miniamp AMP-800 headphone amp
AKG D112, AKG D5, Audix I-5, JOEMEEK JM27, JOEMEEK 37DP, MXL 9000, Oktava MK 012-01 MSP2 matching pair, Oktava MK219, Rode NT2-A, Sennheiser E606, Shure PG52, Shure PG56, Shure PG57 x 2, Shure SM58LC x 3, Shure SM57, T-Bone MB-75.
Guitar amps:
Marshall JCM 900, Laney LC15/110N, Vox AV30 (tube combos),
Fender Princeton 65 DSP (transistor combo), Hohner SP 35 (hybrid)
Orange Rocker 30 H (tube head), cabinet Orange PPC112.
Base amps:
Orange Crush 35B, Ibanez GX40B
Hartke HA3500 amp head, Hartke 210XL and hand made15" cabinets
Pearl Masters Premium:
Bass drum BMP 22 x 18, Tom-toms BMP 12 x 9, BMP 10 x 8, Floor tom BMP 16 x 16, snare drum BMP 14 x 55.
Pearl stands: H-1000 (Hi-hat), 2 x TC 2000 (for tom&cymbal), B-900 (for cymbal), S 1000 (for snare drum), cymbal stand, Seat: Pearl D-1000, a set of Paiste cymbals.
Synthesizers: Korg Microkorg, Yamaha PSR-220
Electric organs Vermona Formation 2, Roland VK-09
Stylophone, small percussions.
Sheet stand, cables, effect pedals, mic and instrument stands, adapters etc.
Software ProficiencyMagix Samplitude Pro, UAD-2

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Pikk 61 - Tartu, Tartumaa - Estonia

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