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Ballard, Galway - Ireland

ExperienceI grew up with a passion for film and specifically music written for film. This passion for movie soundtracks inevitably crept into music I was writing for the bands I’ve been involved in through the past 12 years. Starting with Skindive, which was signed in 2001 to music legend Chris Blackwell (U2, Tricky, Bob Marley etc)’s Palm Pictures record label. The debut album received critical acclaim around the world. Skindive’s music featured in several television programs and was also used in the prestigious MTV Awards ceremony in 2003. During my time with skindive, I was lucky enough to work with not only a vast array of internationally acclaimed producers and mix engineers, but also gained comprehensive experience working and recording with large orchestral arrangements. After Skindive, I formed the industrial rock band ‘Lluther‘ which signed to the German heavy rock label Tiefdruck Music. I signed a worldwide publishing deal with EMI Publishing in 2008. During this period I also co-wrote and produced Moth Complex as well writing & producing for other artists. After Lluther’s second album was released in 2011, and in the light of a changing music industry, I moved from EMI and set up ‘Black Bag Music‘ opting instead for self publishing under Black Bag / IMRO.
EducationDiscography / Placements:

• 2012 Moth Complex Debut Album ‘Moth Complex (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing G.Owens IMRO 2012
• 2011 Lluther ‘Rise Of The Reptile King’ Album (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2011 Crysis 2 ‘Go Faster’ Game Trailer (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2010 Uri Geller’s ‘Cursed’ Documentary Original Soundtrack (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2008 A Maverick In London Documentary Trailer (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2008 3 Crosses Movie Original Soundtrack (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2007 Night Watch Movie Trailer (Production / Composition / Mix) Publishing: EMI

• 2007 ‘Inspector Mom’ Webisode Series Placement

• 2007 Lluther ‘Agents Of Empire’ Album (Production / Composition / Mix)

• 2004 ‘Never Trust’ Original Soundtrack (Production / Composition / Mix)

• 2005 ‘This Thing Of Ours’ Movie Soundtrack Placement

• 2004 ‘Queer As Folk’ TV Series
SpecialityHybrid music composition.

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Ballard, Galway - Ireland

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