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93/7, Elizabeth st. - Sydney, italia - 2000 - Italy

Other personal collaboration and works:
-Short "Life is Red" , Sydney, January 2013 role: director and editor
-Short “Fulgenzio” by Aldo Iuliano, Roma, july 2011 role: first assistant director
-Short “Il Giorno che vuoi che sia”, Rome, may 2011 role: director. Finalist in MaxFest
2011 and Linea D'ombra youth cultures festival in Salerno 2012.
-Short “Il Custode -the Caretaker”, Rome, may 2010 role: director. winner “Best Use of
Genre” at “48hours international film project” and broadcast on the channels
180 di SKY Coming Soon TV.
-Videoclip “I Pedali di Ferrara”, Ferrara, march 2010 role: operator.
-Short “Hobby”, Rome, February 2010 Role: director. Finalist on the Sesto Senso film festival.
-Videoclip “Brainflush” Artifex, Bologna, december 2010 role: director and editor.
-Videoclip “Supermarket” Wolfgang shock, june 2009 role: director and editor.
-Short “Guida rapida per salvare il mondo”, Crotone, june 2009 role: operator.
-Short “Carpe Diem”, Crotone, june 2009 role: cinematographer.
-Video ars “Sete”, Ortona (CH), july 2008 ruole: director and editor.
-Short “Retrogusto Familiare”, Rome, may 2008 role: director.
-Videoclip “Boloboogie”, Bologna, march 2007 role: operator and editor.
-Videoclip “Il Cuoco” 16Vulve, Ortona (CH), august 2007 role: director and editor.
-Short “Sono Qui per Voi”, Bologna, february 2007 role: director and screenwriter. Finalist
at Joe D'Amato Horror Fest and Pescara Corto Script 2007.
-Stop-motion short “Un Pezzo alla Volta”, Bologna, december 2007 role: director and
screenwriter. Third on Enel digital contest 2007.
-Short “Pro-lunga”, Bologna, december 2006 role: director and screenwriter.
-Film “Il Re di Bastoni” by Aldo Iuliano” Teramo 2005/06 (post-prod.)
role: first assistant director.
-Short “Più in Forma Più Soddisfatto”, Bologna june 2006 role: Director, first ex equo
on Carlopoli festival.
-Comix “Abissi Notturni” Teramo 2005 role: writer.
-Magazine “MusicMas” Teramo 2005 role: articles on film criticism.
-Radio “Activity” now “Radio Ateneo” Teramo 2004 role: creator and radio host.
-Short “La Chiave Neutra” by Massimo Loi, Teramo 2003 role: actor.
Experience• January 2013 to
May 2013
First Assistant Director for the tv series MODEL MADNESS
Cardia Films Sydney NSW

• December 2012 Production assistant for the film Love of my Life
Amazing People Pictures Sydney NSW
Film production.

• March 2012 to
April 2012
Screenwriter for the film provisionally titled OLDGUN
Tacci Films, via Manara Luciano, 12 27058 Voghera (PV)
Film production.

• July
august 2011
Operator and editor for the behind the scenes (backstage) of the film Ti Stimo Fratello
Colorado Film, via P. Cavallini, 24 00193 Roma.
Film production.

• March
april 2011
First assistant director and editor of the film New Order by Marco Rosson,
with Franco Nero.
Tacci Films, via Manara Luciano, 12 27058 Voghera (PV)
Film production.

• February 2011 Assistant director (and operator of the behind the scenes) of the film Area Paradiso,
by Diego Abatantuono and Armando Trivellini.
Colorado Film, via P. Cavallini, 24 00193 Roma.
Film production.

• August
november 2010
Editor of the documentary:
Naples: a journey into the pleasures of living
Anemaecore and Chamber of Commerce of Naples.

• August 2010 Production assistant in the film Faccio un salto a l'Avana by Dario Baldi.
Rodeo Drive, via Piemonte, 26 00187 Roma.
Film production.

• November 2009 Set decorator in the film Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show by Gabriele Albanesi.
Minerva Film, via Emilio Bianchi, 54 00142 Roma.
Film production.

• from 08/07/09 to 12/09/09 Production assistant in the film Happy Family by Gabriele Salvatores.
Colorado Film, Via P. Cavallini, 24 00193 Roma.
Film production.
On the set of the film, I also learned the role of toolmaker of scene.

• September 2008- July 2009 Cameraman and editor for:
Association Squeezezoom Bottega Bologna.
Video and tv production.
Using software: Final Cut pro, Adobe CS3, CS4 and 5,DVD studio pro, Avid Media Composer.
EducationMaster degree in Cinema, television and multimedia production in the University of Bologna.
SpecialityI am an editor, director and assistant director. Also I have worked in movies set as a assistant producer.
Hardware ProficiencyI have worked with arri, red one, canon DSLR, sony (hvr a1e, z1), panasonic (P2,171, 201, dvx100).
Software ProficiencyFinal cut pro, adobe premiere and Avid media composer.

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93/7, Elizabeth st. - Sydney, italia - 2000 - Italy

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