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Wuehlischstr. 33 - Berlin, 10245 - Germany

I welcome work in both Germany and Canada and may work in both countries. I seek partners in short documentary projects as well as contracts for 3D Animation in film or television.
ExperienceW o r k E x p e r i e n c e
2011- 2012 Senior Animator, Rainmaker Studios Vancouver, Canada
Animated acting shots and creatures for multiple projects
-Have taken on a variety of rolls and projects, learning the pipeline and company workflow, concentrating on character animation but also taking on previs and layout shots when there was a bottleneck
-Given encouragement and feedback to newer animators, while not hesitating to request critique, striving to grow as an artist, storyteller, team mate, leader, broadening my knowledge of the animation process as a whole
2011 Character Animator, Hectic Electric Amsterdam, the Netherlands
"Dolfje Weerwolfje"; live action film of a beloved Dutch childrens’ book about a young boy who discovers he is a little different than his friends.
-animated cg creature to be integrated in live action shots using Maya
2011 Character Animator, Pasozebra Prodocciones Valencia, Spain
"Actimel"; animated commercial for Danone Yoghurt
-animated cartoon human characters for high profile, European yoghurt brand using 3ds Max
2011 Animation/Modeling Artist Maya and XFrog, FX Factory GmbH Berlin, Germany
"Schueco Haus"; a visualization with animated trees
-Modeled and animated trees in XFrog and Maya and developed export workflow
2010 Character Animator, Big Point Games GmbH Hamburg, Germany
"Poisonville"; cinematic trailer for the online browser game
-animated realistic human characters using 3ds Max and biped
2010 Character Animator, Character Modelor, Rabbix VFX Weimar, Germany
"Schule der kleine Vampire"; a trailer for Hahnfilm
-Modeled the characters and then animated them for 3d Stereoscopic presentation
2010 VFX Animator, Scopas Medien AG Berlin, Germany
" Das Sandmännchen - Abenteuer im Traumland"; Stop motion feature film based on the beloved German children's program "Sandmänchen";
-Animated the twitching tail of a villain, composited in 3d
2009 Animation Supervisor Outsourcing, Scopas Medien AG Shenzhen, China
"Jonalu"; a fully CG animated television series for children;
-facilitated the flow of information from animation director in Germany to Chinese team
-a blend of diplomacy and artistic competence kept the project moving forward smoothly while I was there, to the satisfaction of both the Chinese and the German studios
2008 - 2009 Character Animator, Scopas Medien AG Berlin, Germany
"Jonalu"; a fully CG animated television series for children;
-character animation plus layout, blocking and correction of animation from our outsourcing studio in China
-was able to bring my feature film experience to give the required zest and love to the characters in the short time allotted to a television series
2008 Character Animator, Radar Film Copenhagen Denmark
"Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms"; a fully CG animated feature directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen
-animated lip-synch, acting, physical comedy, walk and wriggle cycles for various characters at a high level demanded by the director and animation director; fulfilled the required footage quotas
2007 Previs Modeler for Warner Bros. at Babelsberg Studios Potsdam, Germany
"Speed Racer" created by the Wachowski Brothers
-developed conceptual art in 3D with techniques including: mixing extant architecture with original creations to create cityscapes and tracks
-matched modeling and layout to storyboard art and notes from director, art director, technical artists, animation artists and my immediate team
2007 Seminar Speaker for Digital Production seminar Unterföhring, Germany
-addressed analysis of 2D design for conversion to 3D, matching orthographic views and perspectives, checking storyboard for range of movement, facial expression requirements etc.
-addressed preparation of reference material in 3D program and poly modeling techniques
2007 Animator/ Modeler, neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH Munich, Germany
-created blend-shapes and test animations for TV series/feature film adapted from a children’s book which conveyed the simple yet sympathetic character of the story's main character, Moonbear
EducationE d u c a t i o n
2002 Computer Master Institute of New Media Victoria, Canada
Digital 3D Animation, Beginner and Advanced, Certification for 3dsMax and Maya
Speciality3D character animation for film and television

Independent short film production, documentaries and narrative
Hardware ProficiencyPC, Mac, Linux
Software Proficiency3D animation using keyframes or applying, enhancing, cleaning and adding to Motion Capture data using Maya and 3DS Max

Adobe Creative Suite Production especially:
- Film editing sequences for storytelling, action
- Basic audio editing, vocal synch, first pass clarity of audio etc.

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