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Story Productions Director of Photography

Story Productions Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Rua Itobi 106 - São Paulo, Brazil

ExperienceI am a producer/Lighting Cameraman/AC (shoot-edit) based in Brazil. Kit: Sony XDCam Pdw350/F3 full kit. Fluent/native languages: English/French/German/Portuguese.
Credits: 'Pourquoi tu es parti? ' Feature Film Documentary '
Tel: +5511981938456 / skype: nickstory

NICK STORY Director of Cinematography/Freelance cameraman/AC

Languages spoken: native english, native french, fluent german, fluent portuguese.

Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil

Mobile: +55 11 981938456

skype: nickstory




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EQUIPMENT: Camera Sony PDW 350 (for news-documentary) full kit HD with Canon HJ 22 BIRSE lense. Sony F3 full kit with Zeiss T2.1 lenses. Sound: lapel and radio mikes, directional and boom rig.

Since September 2003: Producer / fixer / director of photography / cameraman/ assistant cameraman

Nick is a freelance photographer, camera operator and camera assistant. Customers range from broadcast, advertising agencies to corporate clients such as Al Jazeera, CNN, ITN/Channel 4,, QVC, CNBC, Global Post, Windfall films, WSPA, the UK government and other independent production companies.

Nov 2012: "Luna Gold in Brazil" (Report), MMPUSA for Century 21 (cameraman)
Nov 2012: "Carpathian Gold in Brazil" (Report), BTV for BNN (cameraman)
Oct 2012: "A good book" (8' special), CCTV (shoot/edit)
Oct 2012: "Parallel currencies" (news), CCTV (editor)
Sept 2012: "Special Latin America with Richard Quest" (Report), CNN (cameraman)
Sept 2012: "Staples and Infosys" (Corporate), Some Bright Spark (producer/green screen/edit)
Sept 2012: "Luigong Forklifts" (Report), MMPUSA for Century 21 (cameraman)
Aug 2012: "This is BP" (Institutional), World Television (AC)
July 2012: "Arthur Miani goes to Barcelona" (Report) ARD (shoot/edit)
June 2012: "Paw campaign Alice Bragga" (media campaign) WSPA (producer)
June 2012: "Rio+20 coverage" (Live) Al Jazeera Arabic (shoot/edit)
June 2012: "Interview Michael Bloomberg" (Live) BBC News- Rio+20 (studio lighting cameraman)
June 2012: "Futuragena" (Report) The Environemental Report (Cameraman)
June 2012: "Gaspar Garcia add campaign" (Campaign) Christian Aid (Stills photography)
April 2012: "Coffee season" (News) CCTV (shoot/edit)
Mar 2012: "Brazilian Football market" (News) CCTV (shoot/edit)
Mar 2012: "Brazil-emerging market" (News) The Mark News (producer/fixer)
Feb 2012: "Ricky Ross in Promissão" (information video) Christian Aid (local producer)
Feb 2012: "Humane pig&cattle farming" (information video) WSPA (cameraman/stills photographer)
Feb 2012: "Guido Westerwellel" (10' reportage) Nomade Productions, for Deutsche Welle (local producer, cameraman)
Jan 2011: "System Critical" (52' reportage) Windfall Films Productions, for Discovery Channel (Scout & Fixer, local producer, B-cameraman)
December 2011-Jan 2011: "Buzios, le St Tropez Brésilien" (52' reportage) Patrick Spica Productions, Star Report for Direct Star/CANAL + (Cameraman)
December 2011: "Pílulas Poética" (broadcast-art pills) TV SESC (Cameraman)
December 2011: "Abate humanitário" (News) Ver Mais, TV RECORD (Cameraman)
October 2011: “Katholischer Gotesdienst aus São Paulo” (live broadcast) ZDF (Studio Cameraman)
October 2011: “Wacker, Producktimage” (advertising) (Producer/ 2ndAC/ Stills)
October 2011: “Caterpillar” (advertising-institutional) Vetta-Zello (Local Producer)
September 2011: “Korin, humane poultry farming” (information video) WSPA (Cameraman/Stills Photographer)
June-July 2011: “Formula Dreams” (Feature doc. 110') Story Productions (DoP/Cameraman)
March- June 2011: “Doux Exile” (working title) (Feature doc. 110') Bocaboca filmes (Editor)
November- 2010: “Wonder Women:Brazil tries something new” (News) GlobalPost (Cameraman/Shoot/edit)
September- 2010: “Turbo Charging the Compass” (corporate) Unilever (DoP/Cameraman)
August- 2010: “Employee Engagement” (corporate) Astrazeneca (DoP/Cameraman)
June- 2010: “Misinèirì Radacacha” (TV doc.) ESRAS Prod. for TG4, Eire (Cameraman)
March- 2010: “Soccer Shrines-Maracanã” (TV doco) Best Boy Prod., Canada (B-Cameraman)
Since Feb- 2010: Brazil video reports (News) (Cameraman/Shoot-edit) Filming and sometimes editing the reports on Brazil for with the local FT correspondent.
Feb- March 2009: “Dicas do SEBRAE” (Animation) SEBRAE (Director/Art/Animation)
Oct- 2008: “Kelani Valley”(Report) - INSEAD (Director/Cameraman) 10x2 mn documentary about a tea plantation in Sri Lanka- Award winning case study
August- 2008: “Special Brazil gems report” (Commercial)- QVC (Cameraman)
Oct- 2007: “Siwa”(report) Lally School (Director/Cameraman) 20 mn documentary about the sustainablity of Siwa Oasis, Egypt- HD
July-Dec 2006: “China Business Profile” Hdv - UKTI (Producer/Director/Cameraman) 48 mn business documentary about doing business in China. Designed project, won competitive government bid, produced and directed the documentary with a chinese crew accross China.
April-June 2006: “Consequence of the Cold War” (News) Channel 4 ITN (Cameraman/Shoot/edit). 7 mn award winning documentary on the consequence of Nuclear test sites in Kazakstan.
June-Oct 2005: “MAS: a Sri Lankan Story” HDV (Report) INSEAD (Director/Operator/Editor). 30mn award winning documentary about a Sri-lankan family devoloping their textile entreprise into a sustainable group.
Feb-March 2005: “Brazil Season” (News) CNBC (Cameraman/Shoot/edit) 3x6mn series on Brazil for FBC, broadcasted on CNBC, PBS and Star TV.


May 2000-Jul 2001 Officer Cadet Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Elite officer training academy of the British Army dedicated to the development of leadership and management skills.

BA: History King's College London: 2.1

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Rua Itobi 106 - São Paulo, Brazil

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