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Rejyna Creative Director

Creative Director

Burbank, California - United States

Experience• Staff and Production Manager for high-visibility, tight deadline, top-grossing restorations such as; Star Wars (all 6); the James Bond catalog; Disney Animation Classics; Star Trek; and several television shows including 24, The West Wing and the Laverne and Shirley series.
• Pre-press specialist for DC Comics library; including restoration, scanning, asset management.
• Creator of theatre playbill graphics and copy for print, social media, marketing and advertising.
• Production manager for rendering systems for Sliders, Seaquest, Star Trek, and Reboot.
• Project manager and content creator with 10+ years experience in planning and production of audio, video, text, graphics and photo content, overseeing print, web, mobile, cinematic, television, cable and radio broadcast and replication (manufacturing) for the entertainment industry.
• Experienced FMPro and proprietary database administrator for production workflows, scheduling, budgets, asset management, tracking and archival of analog and digital IP assets.

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Submitted by on Jan 24, 2013
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Burbank, California - United States

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