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422 Richards Street - Vancouver, British Columbia - V6B 2Z4 - Canada

We are a Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton video production company that produces professional and custom tailored videos for businesses and organizations. Our approach to every video production starts by really getting to know you as a company or individual and understanding your video marketing goals. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today and we can help you harness the true marketing potential of video by suggesting the best approach and creating a customized pre-production plan.

Whether you are having 1-video produced or 10; our process is always the same: Determine the best approach for your video production, shoot with our award winning video team using state-of-the-art High-Definition equipment, and edit your video production into a product that truly represents your company in an interesting, exciting and informative video presentation.

As a company that stands behind our work, your success is our success! We look forward to helping you plan, produce and deliver your next video production!

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To your business success!

Demo Reel:
Canadian Video Company Demo Reel | EXL Films Vancouver | Calgary | Edmonton
This is an intense and exciting compilation of videos we have had the pleasure to Produce, Direct, Shoot and Edit at EXL Films.

The EXL Films reel consists of our top Corporate Videos, TV Commercials, Promotional Videos, Public Service Announcements, Documentaries, Automotive Films, F... more

ExperienceSince opening our business in 2005 we have traveled across Canada, throughout the United States and around the world to capture compelling video content and video stories.

We have produced over 100 automotive commercials, promotional videos and event videos for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mini, and Miata car dealerships and car club events. We have also had the great pleasure to shoot video for the Government of Canada including Corrections Canada and the Canadian Forces and organizations like APEGBC, BCTF, Mission-Possible and DIVERSEcity

In Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton we produce high-quality and film-like corporate and promotional videos to help businesses grow and succeed in gaining the recognition they diverse.

We love film-making and we love meeting and helping entrepreneurs, business owners, businesses and organizations succeed in their marketing, brand awareness and video communications

We hope we can help you too!
EducationErrol X. Lazare is the founder, executive director and producer at EXL Films.
Since 1999 Errol has been directing and producing a wide-variety of films, commercials, corporate videos and documentaries.

At the BC Student Film Festival he won 7 awards for his work and received a full-scholarship to attend digital film and video at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby.

Errol, being a hands-on type of guy, does not only direct and produce but whenever he can he loves to operate the steadicam and Jimmy Jib camera crane. He enjoys crafting intense and high-action film and commercials in the editing studio and gets immense satisfaction from seeing a film development from an idea in the mind into a complete immersive video production that is exciting, engaging and inspiring!
SpecialityWe produce a wide-variety of high-tech, high-impact video productions including:

Corporate Video Production
TV Commercials and Promotional Videos
Event Videography
Documentary Video Production
YouTube Video Marketing
And even Wedding Videography
Hardware ProficiencyEXL Films uses Macintosh bases systems usually with the maximum amount of ram possible.
Software ProficiencyWe use the full-line of the Adobe CS6 Suite for all of our work.

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422 Richards Street - Vancouver, British Columbia - V6B 2Z4 - Canada

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