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ExperienceI'm Kevin Gonzales and I am the lead producer and owner of 12 Point Productions. I started my video production career after graduating from San Francisco State University in Broadcast Television production in 2000. Almost immediately, I got my first gig working as a host and reporter for a magazine show called Latin Eyes. After a couple of years producing in the Latin community I got a surprising call from KFWB in Los Angeles and headed down to Hollywood to be a news reporter. Well, after getting shot at on a couple of assignments I decided to head back up to the San Francisco Bay Area and open up a video production company… you guessed it… 12 Point.

I've been in the video production field long enough that I can actually say "I shot and edited on Beta and VHS tape!" Thank God the digital HD revolution came into my life because if another linear editing bay ate another one of my VHS tapes I think I would have switched careers (or jumped out a window). So, why do I do what I do? It's pretty simple… I LOVE TELLING A GOOD STORY. And, telling a story is so much more than setting up a camera and hitting the record button. It's about communicating the right message to your audience so you can pitch what you are trying to sell, convey what you are trying to say, and highlight what you are trying to illuminate. And there is a very right way to do it.

In my time of being a producer/director and editor (and in my earlier days a DP) I've tackled just about every kind of project. People have asked me, "Kevin, what is your specialty?" Well, to be honest, my specialty is you, the client. My crew and I have the blessed capability to adapt to whatever your need is. It doesn't mater if it's a nationwide commercial selling drink mixes or a dot com company showing off their latest in touch technology for their website, we can handle it. You see, many companies that do video production forget about the human side of it; caring about the clients needs. When you do that, it's a win win situation.

Keeping the technology up to date helps us to get your story across in stunning High Definition video, and we have shot on it all. Our team has filmed on everything from the Red to Canon DSLR cameras and more. What we have learned is that not every project is suitable for just any camera. We carefully study your project and decide that, "The Red Epic shot in 5K is absolutely the way to go." Or we might say, "You have a pretty quick turn around time needed so a couple of Canon 5D Mark II is better." Or, "this is a run and gun project and the Panasonic HPX 250 is the most suitable." Then you have to consider editing the footage you've shot. What style do you, the client, want? What kind of response or emotion are you looking to get out of your audience? Just because video can be slapped on a time line in Final Cut Pro and, pretty effects added in After Effects doesn't mean you can produce what is needed.

You see, video production, no matter what kind it is, is so much more than turning on a camera. It's a thought process. And at 12 Point Productions, that's what we do; we care and think about you.

I'd love to connect with you on your next video project and see what you needs are. Give us a call anytime… the coffee is on us.
EducationGraduated from San Francisco State University in Broadcast Video Production
SpecialityMy company is a full service video production company specializing in corporate video, commercials, and documentaries. I also offer aerial videography and photography with an octocopter.
Hardware ProficiencyCan operate most cameras and very proficient at flying the octocopter.
Software ProficiencyAdobe CS6, especially Premiere Pro. Final Cut Pro

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1308 Bayshore Hwy #107 - Burlingame, California - 94010 - United States

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