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ExperienceHTML Email Template Coding Service from
We take your existing email design and hand code it to email friendly HTML with maximum possible compatibility across all the major email...

Education-Email Marketing Specialist- E blast Specialist -HTML Email Coder:

Assembling creative assets, image hosting, editing HTML code, testing, proofing and deploying email campaigns. Good e-mail etiquette for client communication. Solid understanding of HTML code and experience in Dreamweaver, Photoshop and/or Fireworks. Experience using FTP programs. Ability to learn by independent research, a strong understanding of the principles of computer science, and an enthusiasm and drive to learn new things and apply them. Familiar with multiple email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. for email marketing email testing. Converting any type of design into HTML. Thoroughly test readability and accurate rendering across email clients/browsers/operating systems. Extensive Email Creative Testing, Approval, Seeding & Delivery. Fast turnaround time on 5-30 creatives daily. Thorough understanding of email constraints. Extensive coordination with designers, project managers and marketing team. Deliver on-time and without errors.

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525 N Ocean Blvd - Pompano Beach, Florida - 33062 - United States

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