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Digital Compositing

London, England - WC2E 9RZ - United Kingdom

ExperienceCG / 3D / Live Action / Visual Effects
With a strong background in post-production particularly in compositing, I have been associated with motion pictures industry since 2006 and worked on a wide range of films, commercials, music video's and promos, with an impressive range of artists and clients.

I am fully equipped with tools, technologies and skills required effectively managing any production assignment.

As a vfx generalist I am just as comfortable behind a camera as I am supervising or working on complex post-production projects. It is this general proficiency across multiple departments with a strong passion for visual effects that makes out my work, e.g

- Supervision (on shoots) for vfx, green/blue screen and tracking tasks required to get the best possible live action for post production.
- Collaboration with both pre and post teams to ensure the overall look, attitude and style of the required elements for the final CG shots.

Being a compositor, who comes at the final stage of the visual effects pipeline where all of a shot's various elements are manipulated and combined to form the final image, my responsibilities include but not limited to:

- Implementation (performing all phases) of a compositing, in a 2.5D / 3D space, according to technical and artistic requirements.
- Creation of blue/green screen matte extractions, 2D plates, projections, camera solves, digital matte paintings, particle effects (attractors, colliders, emitters), dynamics, materials/​textures, clean-ups, wire/rig removals, photoreal assets (objects, creatures and environments) for CG multi-pass compositing.
- Consolidation and integration of multiple and diverse elements e.g lights, cameras, geometry, 3D characters, CG elements, background plates, live action and rotos, rendered characters and props, debris, fluid simulations and stock footage in order to generate sequences of images technically and visually fluid and of superior quality.
- Correction of colors and tuning of lights and shadows to perfection, of different elements in a composition.
- Communication with vfx supervisors, production management and technical directors to help shots stay on schedule.

EducationPost Graduation
Specialized trainings & courses
SpecialityKey Expertise
Node-based Compositing, Matte Painting, 2D/3D Conversion, Keying, Rotoscoping, Color Correction/Grading, Matchmoving, Morphing, Warping, Touch-up Painting, Particle Systems, CG Lighting Simulations, Stereoscopic & Anamorphic Compositing.

Other Skills
Non-linear Editing, Animating, 3D Modeling, Sclupting, Character Rigging, Texturing, Object Dynamics.

Tools & Technologies
Nuke, Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve
Cinema4D, ZBrush, Boujou, RealFlow, Motion

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Submitted by on Feb 11, 2013
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London, England - WC2E 9RZ - United Kingdom

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