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AtlFilmproductions non-linear video editing suites delivers some of the most impressive post-production services in the Atlanta GA Metro area. Non-linear video editing technology maximizes your ability to be creative while minimizing the costs of creating your vision. If you want to add, change or delete something anywhere in your video project, non-linear editing makes those edits possible without sacrificing the quality of your original footage, and without lengthy delays.

We’re happy to work with your Producer or Project Manager, from your script or edit log, or we can have one of our video editors create the video of your dreams.

After the video shoot, editing and post production begins with grading.
Your footage will then be digitally edited on our non-linear edit suite, which has a superior technical capability capable of matching the most stringent requirements.

We warmly invite you to contribute to this fascinating process and help select the shots you think will make the difference to your corporate video production.

The full range of post production tools is available, from pinpoint accurate editing, outstanding graphics, and a host of 3D and multilayer and compositing effects, ready to enhance and improve the flow of your vision, whether you need a soft persuasive finish, a strong motivation, or a crystal clear exposition of your subject.
Sound is important to any production. We have a dedicated PC Audio Workstation capable of 48 tracks of better-than-CD quality audio, digital sound processing, mixing and mastering. We shape a sound-scape of around your vision bringing it life, polishing it to perfection.

All this technology ensures the quality and liveliness of voice-over, music, drama and live sound is retained throughout the digital process.

After editing I will have your content to examine on our private server(with password) for review with for the 1st Viewing, or Rough Cut version of your film. Here, every attention is paid to your comments and requests, which are documented with you.

This procedure ensures the finished product completely satisfies your every criteria.

We can arrange sleeve cover design, cases, CD, or DVD duplicate copies and delivery to any part of the world, guiding you through the variety of different world television standards and language translations.

We can also provide on-line copies for shorter instant impact for streaming directly from your web page, Youtube or Vimeo for maximum exposure

Demo Reel:
Under The Sun Trailer
A little over a year ago, actor Jerome “Ro” Brooks, and Minister Kevin Jackson conceived an idea while they were outreaching in their community. Their God-inspired concept of transforming historically biblical characters and stories into present day images, birthed the series “Under The Sun”... more

Experience5 years as an Avid editor, I'm a visual storyteller and have one goal in mind, bringing your vision to reality. Specializing in creative post production services including video editing, color grading, sound editing, video production, compositing, and multimedia. When it comes to delivering my work I am meticulous, passionate, and goal oriented. Let's make your project stand out this time. Credits include broadcast TV, web videos, promos, and much more..
EducationUniversity of the District of Columbia - UDC
Hardware ProficiencyExpert: All my system are built by me. Intel base raid avg speed 500 read 550 write 24gig and configure by me.
Software ProficiencyExpert

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