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I am currently in the transfer process between colleges, transferring from the Art Institute of Portland and into Portland State. I took a few years off to pursue several film opportunities, most of which took place in Alaska and Nevada. I am majoring in Creative Writing and intend to teach at the collegiate level. I live and breathe the written word. If I am not writing myself, I am reading somebody elses. I always have a book by my side, and average a book every two weeks. I am also the King of Eavesdropping for every word I hear is an exercise in the study and pursuit of good dialog.
ExperienceI attended the Art Institute of Portland for Digital Film & Video. I was also a screenwriting tutor. I am the go to "screen writing doctor" among my peers and colleagues. I have written personal two feature spec scripts (with multiple revisions), I was hired to rewrite a feature spec script for a local filmmaker. I have written & directed several of my own short films as well as written a dozen or so for other filmmakers. I have written dozens of scripts which have not been produced.

As a filmmaker, I have worked as a camera operator and director of photography on numerous short films, music videos, and two extraordinary opportunities filming wildlife in the very remote Alaskan wilderness. While in Alaska, I was also an assistant cameraman on Married to the Army: Alaska which aired on the Oprah network, as well as Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, which aired on the Lifetime network.

Having a heavy hand in the filmmaking process has given me the insight of what it takes to get a script off the page and onto the big screen. With that in mind, I put that knowledge to use when I write screenplays, taking things into consideration such as writing seamless transitions on the page so that the film flows without causing the editor a splitting headache in the cutting room. I feel that this is only one aspect which goes extremely overlooked. This is why most student and independent films favor the "black slug" or the "cross dissolve". These techniques have to be used to cut from one scene to the next because the writer didn't think it through.

Work experience aside, I have read dozens of writing and screenwriting books front cover to end, and a few of the really good ones several times over, and a handful of these books I never write without. I have many unpublished novels and short stories since I was a child. I have had three poems published.
EducationArt Institute of Portland - Digital Film & Video
Screenwriting Tutor
SpecialityIn terms of genre, I have written them all. I have written comedies, dramas, westerns, action pieces, cop and drug movies, but my heart lays in sci-fi and horror, usually a blend of the two in the vein of John Carpenter's The Thing or Event Horizon. All of my work is heavy in character and theme , for without, there is no point.

If I were to stray from being humble, I would say that my specialty is plotting, in writing subtext and good dialog, as well as milking as much conflict out of a scene as possible. These are the things I'm known for having an eye for and is what most people come to me for help with in their scripts.
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9870 SE Amherst St - Clackamas, Oregon - 97015 - United States

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