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3 Denning Close - Hampton, England - TW12 3YT - United Kingdom

As you can see from my CV, I am proven Editor, Apple certified Colourist, and lighting Cameraman with a strong track record. I would be a great fit for this roles.
I am passionate about my work and capable of working on different projects either as a part of a team or by myself. Consistently complimented by my manager for positive working attitude and motivational spirit that had a positive effect on the team.

In my last job I was responsible for a number of key roles including:
• Editing, Colour Correcting, Grading, making Motion Graphics for commercials, broadcast, corporate and viral videos.
• Upgrading suites to new systems, installing new servers, deciding on Editing softwares and plug-ins that would enhance videos and speed up turnaround from filming to final delivery, as well as deciding on use of new cameras and correcting our workflow to suit them.
• Introduced and trained other editors in proper editing and colour correcting techniques
• Encoding and transcoding videos for DVD, Blu Ray, VOD, making flash and H264 links for progressive downloads and stream, as well as doing quality check on all stream videos.
• Introduced a Telestream Episode software encoder that gave better results and faster encoding times, as well as pushed for H264 video compression format both as a stream and as a Flash or Quick Time progressive download

You can be assured that my Editing, Colour Correcting, Grading and encoding knowledge and track record to date make me a strong candidate for advertised role. I possess all of the attributes you’re looking for, and I believe this position is a perfect fit.
For more details about me you can find me on Linkedin and on the bottom you will find some useful link, with my work. I have put together short showreel where you can see my Editing, Grading, Lighting Camera work, and Graphic Design skill.

Car Giant Commercial:

Viral Video Underoffer:
Viral Video D&G:

Kitchen - Camera, Edit:
Event - Camera, Edit:
Vimeo Channel
uTube Channel
I look forward to hearing from you, 

Demo Reel:
Sasa Svara Editing/Grading showreel
Short real with some of my recent work as a Editor/ Grader and Lighting Cameraman... more

EducationNational High School diploma, equivalent to 3 A levels and more in Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, German, Art and English as a foreign language. diploma courses in camera work, lighting, video mixing and sound recording.

Certified in Apple Color, ARRI Lights for TV and film, HD camera menus and set ups, single camera lighting. Private course in steady-cam flyer
Clean UK car and motorbike license.
SpecialityStarting from experience as a cameraman I have taught myself computer and video editing skills to become an editor, grader and colorist in demand. I have kept up myself abreast of all the new video formats and codec’s, learned and practiced different video encoding processes for web and mobile use. I am confident using HD & HDV broadcast equipment.
After switch from Avid I have helped improve, on a small scale, the development of Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD as one of the first users and testers of the software and write a review for Apple.
I formed Fresh Productions, a company that has become a leader in TV Presenter Training with knowledge and experience to make quality corporate videos from Pre to Post production. The company also provided excellent services for training people for work in TV industry.
I was brought in to join the team at Real Property Tours / Real Impact Production to help raise standards of videos produced by the company. My main role was as senior editor, often working as a director of photography on large filming projects. My duties were to ensure our video streams and downloads are at satisfactory level and to correct any imperfections in the encoding process. I worked to implement new systems and servers for better in-house workflows as well as to order and connect all equipment needed event streaming and broadcasting. In a last few weeks I have started to familiarize with Harmonic Rhozet’s software and hardware, trough private tutoring from one of leading Harmonic engineers in field of transcoding and encoding.
Hardware ProficiencyMac Computers
Sony, Ikegami, JVC, Canon HD and HDV cameras wit tape and tapeless workflow
FCP servers
CONA cards
Software ProficiencyKey Skills
• On Line Editor
• Encoding and uploading video as a streaming links or progressive download via FTP
• Color correcting and video grading
• Lighting Cameraman

Applications Skills
• Final Cut Studio 3 (All Applications)
• Avid Media Composer 5.5.3
• Episode, Cleaner and Sorenson
• DVD Studio Pro (Authoring and creating DVDs)
• After Effects, Premier, Photoshop (Adobe Creative Suite)

Other Skills
• Full understanding of HD, DV & SP video formats and good knowledge of new and old codec’s (H264,
MPEG 1.2 & 4, Flash WM DivX Real Video etc...)
• Training students and professionals in camera operation and lighting.
• I have played basketball for Yugoslav national junior team

Camera Skills
• Good knowledge in HD, HDV, cameras (Sony DSR 100-450, EX3, Z7, JVC GY100-400)
• Lighting and Chroma Key set-up

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Submitted by on Feb 22, 2013
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3 Denning Close - Hampton, England - TW12 3YT - United Kingdom

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