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Colón 1319 - Montevideo, 11100 - Uruguay

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ExperienceBetween 2007 and 2009 I worked making short documentary films and reports for the online version of the weekly newspaper Brecha from Uruguay, and music documentary films and music videos for the online version of the magazine Spin. From 2010 and 2012 I was the director, cinematographer and editor of the documentary series "Andenes Rurales" and the series of music videos "Segundas Destrezas". Boths were found winners of the Fondos Concursables.Now, I work freelance making music videos for local musicians, backstage, live events and institutional videos and I work freelance as a cinematographer for 5D2 and Transparente, as a freelance editor for Oriental Films, as casting director at Montecristo.
EducationI got a degree in Communication Science at the public University and another one in Advertising at ORT University. After that, I focused my interest in cinema, taking several courses in Uruguay and Spain like Edition and Postproduction, After Effects, Camera Assistant, Director Assistant, Art Direction, Documentary Film Production, Documentary Film Realization, among others.
SpecialityCreate stories
Software ProficiencyI work in either with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Also work with After Effects and other programs form Adobe Creative Suit.

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Colón 1319 - Montevideo, 11100 - Uruguay

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