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Auditive Designs Music & sound design

Music & sound design

Preston, Lancashire - PR1 8TL - United Kingdom

- Experienced in recording, live events, studio, location, project setups, and mobile recording gear.

- Heavy experience in sound to picture with foley production.

- Good client interaction and communication skills, excellent rapport.

- Works well as assistant or as production team leader with many years of experience in these roles.
ExperienceSkilled music production graduate, experienced in audio and soundtrack for image and various skills in music industry, including studio engineering, audio treatment, current software expertise (DAW and editing suites) and traditional composition.
SpecialitySpecializing in sound to picture, foley artistry and audio positions as a producer, mixer, engineer and musician.
Hardware Proficiency- Studio engineering; equipment upkeep, function and maintenance, hardware wiring, software installation, mixing desk and outboard gear usage. - Musically literate, able to play multitude of instruments.
Software ProficiencyDAW: Protools, Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Sonar. Audio Editing: Sony Soundforge, Wavelab, etc. Video: Adobe After effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro Other: Various mastering suites, adobe design CS packages (photoshop, flash)

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Submitted by on Mar 11, 2013
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Preston, Lancashire - PR1 8TL - United Kingdom

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