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5a. Avenida, 5-55 zona 14 Edificio Eurplaza Oficina 303 - Guatemala, Guatemala


-Pepsi (Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Evervess, Pepsi Lght)
-Bayer (Alka Seltzer, Aspirina, Aleve, Canesten, Tabcin, Baygon)
-Coca Cola
-Banco G&T (Central American Bank)
-Cementos Progreso (The largest cement producer in Central America)
-Montana Exploradora (Gold Mining run by Goldcorp Canadá)
-Telus International
-Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala
-Pollo Campero
-United Way


-Jade Awards (advertising awards on a Central American Level that are awarded every year at the Antigua Festival in Antigua, Guatemala) in different categories, consistently from 1996 through 2012.

-Film Finalist in Cannes en 2005 and 2006

-Ojo de Iberoamérica in 2006 and 2007

-Premio Caribe in 2004 and 2006

-New York Festival in 2005

-London International Advertising Awards in 2004 and 2006


Client: Christian Children’s Fund
Project: Testimonials recorded in marginal areas of Guatemala City for use in commercials promoting donations towards CCF and the children they represent.

2008 to Present
Client: United Way
Project: Coverage of United Way’s prohects in Guatemala and the production of informative and sensibilization audio visual material.

Client: CNBC
Project: D-LIFE Reality. A documentary covering the dream come true of a diabetic from Brooklyn New York of coming to Guatemala, visiting different beautiful isolated spots and culminating with the climb of a Mayan pyramid in Tikal.

2009 to Present
Client: Telus International
Project: Day of Service.
Every year Telus International, a Canadian Telecom with call center operations in Guatemala and El Salvador coordinates a series of community service events in both countries. These are covered extensively by production crews that visit each year and 921 does all coordination, equipment rental and logistics for them.

2010, 2012
Client: Tchibo Germany
Project: Coffee farm process documentaries, commercial production
Coordination, equipment rental and production support for crews that come from Germany to document the coffee harvest process and shoot commercials for Tchibo, which is like the Starbucks of Germany.

Client: BBC
Project: The Man Who Cycled the Americas.
We coordinated all the production support for shooting in four countries within Central America for a reality show which documented the journey of a cyclist from Scotland that rode his bicycle throughout the Americas. As a result of this job we are on the BBC approved provider list for Central America.

Client: Latter Day Saints Church, PMTV USA
Project: Mormon Temple inauguration Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
We coordinated all coverage, support, equipment rental and live satelite transmission of the inauguration ceremony of the Mormon temple in Quetzaltenango

Client: Diageo, Stink Ltd, London, Skinny Creative, New York
Project: Zacapa Rum Interactive Presentation
We coordinated production services, equipment rental and logistics for a joint team that came from both London and New York to shoot an interactive presentation documenting the production process, from sugar cane harvest all the way to bottling of Zacapa Rum. Zacapa is Guatemala’s premium rum, known worldwide and the brand was recently purchased by Diageo.

Client: Virgen Producciones, Argentina
Project: Ricardo Arjona Fuiste Tu Music Video
Ricardo Arjona is a Guatemalan singer known throughout Latin America. This video was shot on an Alexa in 10 different locations documenting the beauty of our country to the rhythm of a song that was a hit in the Spanish speaking world for the better part of last year.

Client: Compasslight Films USA
Project: Tourism Video Antigua Guatemala
Compasslight does tourism videos in different parts of the world that are aimed at showcasing destinations suitable for senior citizens. We provided equipment rental, a DP and coordination for the shoot.

Client: Nightfire Films USA
Project: Filming Mayan archaeological sites
We coordinated trasnsportation and logistics for the crew that came to cover different Mayan archaeological sites for a documentary that is being produced.

Client: ZDF Germany
Project: Coffee Production Documentary
ZDF, a German TV network sent a crew to Guatemala to cover the coffee production process in Guatemala. We gave them locations, logistical support, transportation and production coordination in general for the documentary which recently aired in Germany. Because of this job we are the official production company in Guatemala for ZDF for future projects.

EducationArtistas Rabiando Presents: Producciones 921
Director/Executive Producer Gregg Koenigsberger - the Man Behind Guatemala's Premiere Production Outfit - Offers Many Reasons for US Filmmakers to Smile
LOS ANGELES, CA, - Artistas Rabiando is proud to announce the addition of Producciones 921 to its image broadcasting roster. Founded in 2000 by agency producer-turned Director/EP Gregg Koenigsberger, the company has built a reputation in the Central American region as a discerning producer of high quality commercials, garnering numerous accolades, including: Gold and Silver awards at the New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards, FIAP, and Ojo de Iberoamérica, and three-time film finalist honors at Cannes. Producciones 921 counts Blockbuster, Frito Lay, and Pepsico, among its clients,
and works extensively with agency BBDO Guatemala.
"We are in a position that is both enviable and challenging," says Koenigsberger. "Guatemala is a country extremely rich in locations with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans within a 5 hour drive of each other, we have Mayan
ruins, Spanish Colonial cities, local Indian villages, volcanoes, lakes, jungles, crops, vegetation and all kinds of architecture from neoclassic to modern." The challenge, he points out, is "making US filmmakers aware of these many resources, which extend beyond the aesthetic to the economic."
Born in the US, Koenigsberger earned a BA, Journalism Mass Communications, at the University of Northern Colorado, and an advanced degree in Communications and Advertising from Rafael Landívar University Guatemala. He points out that while production costs are traditionally a fraction of those in the USA, filming in Guatemala can be a rather daunting, if not impossible, task for those without access to the local resources, insider contacts and experience afforded by Producciones 921.
As the largest employer of production services and the most prolific production outfit in Guatemala, Producciones 921 has a wealth of contacts, and the company is granted priority status in securing the finest equipment and technicians. "Our firm offers an attractive combination of locations, low costs and the availability of a reliable company with the ability to put everything together in Guatemala and any other country in the Central American region," Koenigsberger states.
In 2007, Producciones 921 expanded into the arena of policital advertising, and continues to expand the scope of its services, ushering in 2008 with a dedicated
animation studio (and the hiring of animation vets from recent hits such as The Chronicles of Narnia). The move enables Producciones 921 to complete all 3D, compositing and rotoscoping work in-house, optimizing costs for its clients.
The Producciones 921 roster is comprised of:
Directors - Gregg Koenigsberger, Ernesto Villalobos, Gustavo Fallas, Pablo Dotta. Editors - Walter Porras, Alberto Hernández, Christian de León.
Producer Saulita Salguero Sound Engineer Amílcar Cuyuch
SpecialityFixer Services
Location Coordination
Equipment Rental
Post Production
Sound Recording (Location and Studio)
Production Coordination
Production Personnel
Hardware ProficiencyAll camera systems including Panasonic P2, Canon 5D Mark III, Red Dragon, Sony Fs7
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Logic

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5a. Avenida, 5-55 zona 14 Edificio Eurplaza Oficina 303 - Guatemala, Guatemala

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