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I love video, and I specifically love freelance video because I believer it allows my creativity to reach it's potential. Although, I am not a stranger to corporate and professional video production environments. I guess you could say when it comes to video, I am a bit of a work-oholic. I thrive on creative projects on aggressive deadlines. In the end I love being creative, and producing videos.
ExperienceMy experience thrives in many areas. I started off in high school learning Final Cut Pro. I have worked in recording studios, video studios and broadcast studios. I am first and for most a video producer, but I am also very proficient in audio production, mixing and mastering, graphic design, and motion graphic design. My broad range of skills and abilities allows me to do what I do best, and that is video.
EducationI am currently entering my fourth and final year at Northland International university. I have chosen a broad college education, so that I can be fully equipped for whatever life brings my way. I have chosen to focus on not just general education, but also the art, business, marketing and some multimedia studies.
SpecialityI specialize in video production for web. Web video usually entails agressive deadlines, and creative short videos. That is what I do best. I have worked by myself in creating over a dozen videos in under two weeks for major marketing releases for companies. I thrive on aggressive deadlines and quick turnarounds.
Hardware ProficiencyI work on both Mac and PC for video editing, motion graphics, and graphic design. I currently own a 2012 iMac for most of my video editing needs, and I also have a custom PC built mainly for Adobe After Effects rendering.

Concerning Cameras, my camera of choice is a Canon DSLR such as a 7D or 5D Mark II or III. I am also comfortable using larger broadcast cameras and cinema cameras such as the Blackmagic cinema cameras or Canon EOS Cinema cameras.
Software ProficiencyThe Software I am extremely comfortable and proficient in include the following:

Final Cut Pro (7 & X)
Avid Media Composer
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premier Pro
Avid Protools
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe audition

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Submitted by on Apr 16, 2013
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W10085 Pike Plains Rd. - Dunbar, Wisconsin - 54119 - United States

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