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ExperienceIn the early years after my degree I had experiences in the field of geology up to 1997 when I decided to attend anintensive course on 3D animation.
At the end of the course, in 1999 I entered the Green Movie Group ( as a 3D animator, and there I worked until March 2004.
I have developed a lot of experience in the realization of commercial spots and in 2002 I
gave my CG contributions to the animation film “Johan Padan a la descoverta de le Americhe” produced by GreenMovie.
In September 2004 I entered EDI ( where I came into contact with a very advanced professional environment.
I improved my knowledge of 3D through the software owner of Buf Compagnie in use at EDI, and in compositing by developing a good experience in the use of Shake and Nuke.
The supervision on the set has furtherly increased my experience in the field of visual effects.
In 2007 I was senior compositor and supervisor on the set of “Carnera; the walking mountain” a movie with 1320 shots entirely post-produced by EDI.
In 2009 my experience in EDI finished and I started a collaboration as a senior freelance compositor with Storyteller ( for the realization of the movie “Baaria” by G.Tornatore.
Since 2010 I have been a senior compositor and VFX supervisor on set at Pubblicis Les Enfant in Milan.
EducationHigh School Diploma in Scientific subjects (Maturita' scientifica) in 1982
Degree in Geology in 1990 at Universita' degli studi in Pavia
Specialization in “computer animation” Softimage 3D at Upgrade S.r.l, Milan
Master in Photography at John Kaverdash school, Milan.
SpecialityDigital compositing, Matte painting, general 3D, photo retouching.
Software ProficiencyExpert in Shake (9 years as a compositor)
Expert in Nuke (3 years as a compositor)
Expert in Photoshop (12 years, mattepaint and texture)
Expert in Softimage 3D (5 years)
Expert in Softimage XSI (5 years)
Good knowledge of Bstudio (software of “Buf Compagnie”)
Good knowledge of Boujou
Good Knowledge of PFTrack
Good knowledge of Houdini

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via XX settembre 5 - Lodi, Lodi - 26900 - Italy

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