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Advertainment Video

Baku, AZ1069 - Azerbaijan

ExperienceCommunicating on a daily or even hourly basis with production managers, directors, staff and agents to ensure everything is prepared for filming.rnMeeting with outside vendors, artists, actors and other professionals, getting signed contracts and clearly outlining expectations, dates and services required.rnPlanning, organizing and arranging the movement of cast, crew, equipment and supplies to the various filming locations.rnCoordinating information from various remote filming locations to coordinate with each other when required.rnResponding to problems and issues as they develop during the filming of the project and anticipating and solving any issues with regards to equipment, personnel or supplies before they become problematic.rnTroubleshooting issues with regards to contracts, script revisions, understanding of agreements as well as resolving conflicts in a productive and acceptable manner for all involved.
EducationOlypic Baku 2015
Eurovision 2012 Postcards
SpecialityAFP facilities allow us to have full control of all of the needs for a successful production. We can count on a Studio fully equipped with lighting and Green and Blue Screen possibilities. We also have a professional Sound Recording Studio for music recording, voice over, dubbing, and sound mixing.

In addition we have highly talented professionals and the necessary equipment for editing, compositing, 3D and 2D animations and motion graphics, as well as color grading.

AFP 14 years of experience has allowed us to collect extensive and high quality series of video materials on various subjects, styles and themes on Azerbaijan’s historical and natural sites, as well as various interviews with famous national characters. For your specific needs check our ample video database and stock footage collection.

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Baku, AZ1069 - Azerbaijan

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