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Music & sound design

Oslo, 0484 - Norway

ExperienceHas composed original music for more than seventy television documentaries, radio plays and multimedia projects as well as countless jingles and signature melodies. Started using ProTools when it was released (named SoundTools and supported only one stereo track!). Used MIDI since the very beginning (MasterTrackPro, StudioVisionPro, ProTools etc.) Now using both ProTools (sound design, audio post production, music composing and mixing), LogicPro (composing) and Ableton Live (improvising).
EducationTechnical school at NRK 1972-74. Selfeducated in ProTools, MIDI etc.
SpecialityPost Production and composing.

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Submitted by on May 13, 2013
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Oslo, 0484 - Norway

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