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Travnik, FBIH - 72270 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

ExperienceI already had experience with a number of following things: modeling (high and low poly modeling), texturing (baking and texturing in photoshop), rendering, post production in photoshop, and animation.
Recently I've also worked for a Japanesse company Pluin Production where I was in charge of modeling and animating different kinds of objects (cars, interiors, furniture etc.) which were later used in a movie.

I also worked for a number of different clients who required architectural visualization, 3D modeling of furniture etc.
EducationEven though I am a professor of English language, my passion for 3D has enabled me to work for many different clients.
Speciality3D modeling (high and low poly)
Texturing (UVW, texturing in photoshop, baking textures for game development)
Post production in Photoshop

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Travnik, FBIH - 72270 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

3D   •   Animation-Modeling-Texture
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