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Los Angeles, California - United States

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Demo Reel:
3D Artist- Adolfo Gonzalez Demo Reel 2013
Demo Reel 2013.... more

ExperienceWork Experience
CG Modeler/ Evox Images - Rancho Dominguez, CA March 2014 -Present

Creative Experience
Lead Compositor/VFX/Render Wrangler Art Institute Project/First Contact 2013
Assisted animators and artists with troubleshooting of shots. Issues may include problems with
animation, and or rendering
Supervised the VFX team implementing and delivering.
Supervised the compositing team
Integrated CG and live action elements seamlessly with background plate.
Composited multiple layer passes and color corrected
Responsible for managing and rendering out all sequences.

KVCR/FNX Studios Internship on / The Old Man Above - Unreleased 2013
Assisted project lead in pre-visualization of various characters
Created assets to use in the short in Autodesk Maya
Painted multiple backgrounds for various shots in Adobe Photoshop
Designed/Finalized character sheets for modeling

Color Director/Editor/Animator Art Institute Project/Sweet Revenge 2012
Color Director
Animated several shots
Designed 2D backgrounds
Edited and composited
EducationThe Art Institute of California -Inland Empire
Bachelor of Science (B.S) Media Arts and Animation 2013
SpecialityTechnical Skills:
Extensive Knowledge of
• Autodesk Maya (Hard surface and organic modeling, lighting and rendering, mental ray, animation, rigging, unwrapping,)
• Pixologic ZBrush (sculpting ,texturing, modeling)
• Adobe Photoshop (Texture painting, digital painting, photo editing, compositing)
• Adobe After Effects (compositing, effects, editing, tracking, rotoscoping)
• Adobe Premiere (editing, compositing)
• Crazy Bump, KeyShot 4, nDo, dDo
Software ProficiencyAutodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, crazy bump. Autodesk Match Mover , Keyshot 4, Speed Tree.

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Los Angeles, California - United States

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