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Studio City, Dubai - 191385 - United Arab Emirates

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A Twist on Presenting Annual Results, Corporate Video
Annual results can be boring, so for du; the UAE’s integrated telecommunications company, we filmed this corporate video on the 43rd floor of du’s head office in media city. We created this corporate video to present their financial results for 2013, with a combination of live footage, stop-moti... more

ExperienceWe are storytellers. We create content to build positive reputation.

We distill information and simplify ideas to deliver to specific audience groups a concise and easily digestible message every time.

We use video to deliver messages whether they are core to the organisation's structure, describe its journey, its financial position, or its products and services.

EducationWe are always content driven. But we also couple our content with enthralling, attractive visuals that emphasise the story and message, whether the visuals are feature or illustrated.

The videos serve our clients' communication strategies. They are useful tools used on company websites, social media, conferences and exhibitions, TV spots, and even in inflight programs.
SpecialityWhat we do is give organisations the tools they need to communicate more simply. So no one has an excuse not to!
Day in and day out we simplify, clarify, and deliver client messages so their stories fall on the right ears at the right time.
The films you see here are the fruits of our daily labour. We LOVE each and every one of them!

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Submitted by on Aug 19, 2014
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Studio City, Dubai - 191385 - United Arab Emirates

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