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Accurate Bit Copy DVD Mastering and Replication

DVD Mastering and Replication

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6 Otis Park Drive - Bourne, Massachusetts - 02532 - United States

ExperienceAccurate Bit Copy is a respected Media Services and Fulfillment Company specializing in CD and DVD duplication / replication with many years in the industry. Located on Cape Cod we offer the newest technologies combined with experienced professionals to provide media solutions for clients both in New England and internationally.
EducationAccurate Bit Copy uses state of the art equipment and high quality media to achieve the best results in the duplication and replication process. We use cutting edge technology with years of experience to assure a high quality product and consistency.
SpecialityCD-ROM: Replication is the process of stamping your data onto an injection molded CD. Used for high volume production CD-ROM's are the most economical means of distributing information. They are lower in cost but require a minimum quantity of 500 pieces. Silkscreening is the most popular method of labeling. CD-Roms are available in Standard 120mm, 3" Mini, Business Card sizes, Custom Shapes, and mastering charges are included.

CD-R: The CD-R duplication process uses a laser to alter pre-manufactured 'write-once' CDs. This process, which is sometimes referred to as burning, is a cost effective solution for small runs and for a quicker turn around time. Accurate Bit Copy offers several labeling options including Color Thermal Printing, which gives your CD-R the professional silk-screened look, without the long lead-time. High quality 4 Color Process permanent Laser Labels are also available. CD-Rs will play in CD-Rom drives as well as most CD-Audio players.

DVD: Duplication/Replication provides resolution which is far greater than that offered by Laser Disk Media and almost twice the resolution of standard VHS Video tapes. DVDs also have a longer life cycle than VHS tapes. They will never fade or breakdown. Let Accurate Bit Copy transfer your memorable video tapes and pictures into treasures forever.

Diskettes: Accurate Bit Copy offers duplication on all 3.5 and 5.25 inch disks. We use only high quality media and precision state of the art equipment to assure 100% accuracy. All formats are supported. Most orders can be turned around in 24 hours or less. Diskettes are available in a variety of colors and can be serialized in one or multiple locations. Accurate Bit Copy provides labeling and packaging solutions for all your diskette needs.

CD Business Cards, Mini CDs and Custom Shaped CDs: Business Card, Mini CDs and Shaped CDs are popular choices to be used in promotional presentations.

Video: Transfer your video to CD. This a perfect way to display your video on a computer. An hour of video can be stored on a CD and additional CD copies are economical. Video tapes stored on a CD provide menus and chapters so you don't have to forward or rewind to find a certain scene. (We do not advise transfer exceeding 60 minutes of video to CD, due to the potential for diminished quality of the transfer. Please consider DVD transfer, it is a higher quality and can hold up to 2 hours.

Audio: The audio CD is the most popular pre-recorded music format today, and is being increasingly selected as the media of choice. This can either be replicated on a CD-ROM or CD-R. CD-Rs are the most cost effective way for smaller quantities. Accurate Bit Copy can help you with conversions from tapes to CD, and our graphics and sales department can assist with packages to help promote your voice or music projects.

Other Services: Packaging, Assembly, Distribution, Fulfillment, Graphic Design, Print Solutions, Direct Mail, Project Management, Database Management, Inventory/Warehouse Management

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6 Otis Park Drive - Bourne, Massachusetts - 02532 - United States

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