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Baltic, European Union - Lithuania

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Modern Warfare 2 intro to Stoned Keyframe promo
Just like many of you out there, I'm a huge fan of COD:MW2. What amazed me about the game was not only the action of it, but also the intro videoclips for each mission. I was sitting and thinking: wow, guys who made this, how much patience should they have?

At the same time, I was fru... more

ExperienceMy name is Justinas Vencius, but my friends and family call me bliuska. I have been self educated motion graphics designer for about 4 years now. The first 1.5 years it was more like experiment, at that time I made a few short movies, basic graphics, video clips, gig videos, even starred in one full-length commercial movie (the non-believers can check my imdb: link). 2.5 years ago, my hobby became my profession: I proudly call myself a professional motion graphics artist.
EducationSelf educated motion graphics designer
Speciality * Video production;
* Shooting;
* Post production
* Video montage;
* Adaptation;
* Computer motion graphics;
* 3D Modeling and animation
* Visual F/X
Software ProficiencyAfter effects
Lightwave 3D
Modo 401

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Submitted by on May 18, 2010
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Baltic, European Union - Lithuania

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