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185 Brown Road - Warner, New Hampshire - 03278 - United States

I am currently doing Motion Graphics contract work for a number of production companies and agencies who don't have a motion graphics artist on staff. This enables them to give their clients higher production values without the cost of a full-time employee. I also work for a number of companies all over the world (England and Central African Republic, for example) doing full projects, including producing, writing, shooting, animation, and post-production. I enjoy challenging projects which push the bounds of my creativity, and I'm happy to discuss any projects you may have, which are in their early stages, to help get you moving in the right direction. I have a 1TB Dropbox account, which allows me to get deliverables to my clients quickly and efficiently.
ExperienceExtensive professional experience in all aspects of electronic media, print media, and graphic design, from creative concept through final production

• Proven ability to turn around multiple, high-priority projects on time, and within budget
• Highly skilled multimedia designer, animator, producer, and digital photographer
• Effective manager, with the unique ability to bring any project to completion on-time, and on-budget
• Enjoy working collaboratively with any level of management to achieve the final results
EducationBoston College, Chestnut Hill, MA - English Major
Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA - Arranging and Composition

14 years of experience as Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer of WMUR-TV, Manchester, NH (a division of Hearst Broadcasting) a Broadcast television facility (ABC Affiliate) billing over fifteen million dollars a year in advertising revenue - even longer as a freelance business owner, writing and producing video and interactive media.
Speciality• Highly developed creative design skills and a masterful knowledge of computers, graphics software, and broadcast television equipment
• Accomplished digital photographer
• Skilled writer, producer, and voice-over talent
Hardware Proficiency • Experienced with a wide array of broadcast production equipment, including studio and ENG cameras, audio boards and video switchers, studio and field lighting, mass storage organization, and broadcast weather systems

• Experienced with both film and digital photography, strobe systems, and complex retouching of photographs

• Experienced with Ross Xpression and Accuweather StoryTeller
Software Proficiency• Proficient in 3D Studio Max, Adobe Master Collection CS6 and CC, Camtasia, AVID Editing Systems, ROSS video hardware, and a number of other business and graphics software packages

• Skilled at tracking, keying, special effects, and rotoscoping

• Experienced with encoding digital video for any number of delivery formats, including DVD, and portable media devices

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Submitted by on Nov 20, 2010
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185 Brown Road - Warner, New Hampshire - 03278 - United States

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Re: Bourke Media - how to make a animated donkey
by saeed amiri
Dear Joseph W. Bourke
I thank your help.i got the crazy talk software it is a good software to do for 2D animation. I am going show you complete project that I have. We are trying to create a short movie which main character is a donkey man. I send you sample of our idea for such a character. The question is how we can create this character what is the process and what should I do. The most important problem I have is animation of the donkey head. I need any suggestion for this.
Thank you
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