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Kochi - Kochi, Kerala - 682020 - India

I strongly believe my demo reel explains everything than any words!

Demo Reel:
COLOR REEL _ SREEKUMAR NAIR (editor/colourist)
Colour Reel (2013) of editor / colourist sreekumar nair.
edited and graded using final cut pro X.
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Experience10 years of experience as a film editor, sound designer, colourist, trainer, director & music composer
EducationDiploma in Digital Video Technology & Non linear Editing
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro X, Final Cut Studio 3, Garage Band

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Submitted by on Apr 21, 2011
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Kochi - Kochi, Kerala - 682020 - India

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by Melissa Lesh
Hello MAYA,

I am emailing from Mysore currently and desperately need help solving a technical issue I'm having with the Final Cut Pro X.

I don’t know what has happened… I was working from an external hard drive, in India, when the power went out, severing communication between my project and the application. Later final cut opened as a blank screen and wouldn’t load my project. I reinstalled the software thinking it could be that, only to realize it must be a corrupt file. I copied both Events and Projects folders to my internal drive to see if that would help. The events load, it only freezes when it tries to open to project. I know that FCPX auto saves a version every 15 minutes and so am wondering how to access that and hopefully restore an earlier version without loosing everything.

PLEASE give me any advise you can!
Mac Book Pro version: 10.6.8

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