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Studio 37  Stereoscopic 3D

Stereoscopic 3D

Chicago, Illinois - 60612 - United States

Demo Reel:
Alexa Un-boxing
Here is you classic opening the box shots, from the 1st Alexa in flyover space housed at Fletcher Camera and Lens in Chicago.

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Experience20+ year Industy Professional in Commercial, Industrial, Feature Production and Post Production.

Studio 37 works with manufacturing and development companies seeking to maintain the highest level of Production and Post technologies or chooses to work on the leading edge of Post and Production technology.
EducationTechnical Chair for NAB's Director of Photography Conference since 2007

Internationally known workflow consultant.

Technical Writer for MacworldLLC and Creative Cow .net

SpecialityAt Studio 37 we specialise in the highest levels needed in Production and Post, with emphisis on cutting edge technologies.

Special focus is on the restrictive nature of file based workflows for digital cinema, feature film, commercial production with emphisis on 3Ds production experiance.

12 years experience working with file based workflows in broadcast and feature production.
Hardware ProficiencyYes.

Working at the level I do, hardware of every type and variety is an daily occurrence. I understand the needs for the highest level of hardware proficiency for networking, data handling and file managment.

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Chicago, Illinois - 60612 - United States

Stereoscopic 3D   •   Stereoscopic 3D
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