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Alan Flood 3D Animation

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Santiago, Chile

ExperienceSelf-taught - 10 years working with 3D packages (Lightwave then Cinema 4D) and some 5 years working with After Effects. 3 years making a living out of it all.
EducationNo diplomas or degrees - dropped out after a year of higher education. Credentials ..... to date I've created over 300 3D animations and videos for various clients with 2 of those gone to broadcast (a logo and transition package and a weather graphics package). Most of my work has been creating technical 3D animations (character animation isn't something I'm very good at) but that's recently changed and now I mostly create marketing/sales videos and a couple of trailer type videos. I've also got some good experience creating illustrative animations for both company products and educational concepts (physics, chemistry and biology) using a combination of 3D and 2D graphics.
SpecialityMechanical 3D animations.

Submitted by on Nov 29, 2011
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Santiago, Chile

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