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5667 Heron CT B - Norcross, Georgia - 30071 - United States

Hello, my name is Saye Gbatu and I am an Atlanta based Graphic Designer, CG Artist, Illustrator and traditional painter. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta. I received my bachelors of fine arts in Media Arts and 3D animation, in 2004. I have worked in the advertising, video game, fine arts and motion graphics industries since then.

The thing that best defines me is my love for my profession. I am one of the biggest fans of computer graphics and illustration in all its forms. I feel the quality of my work reflects how much care and attention I put into it. As enthralled as I get into the work I do, I take criticism very well and strive to decode exactly what my client is looking for in a timely manner.

I grow up in Atlanta and have always loved the city and surrounding area. I have work on local and remote contracts and know that in both cases, communication is the most important thing. I know I am a good addition to any team and hope to be of service to you.

Many Thanks,
Saye Gbatu

ExperienceDel Jou Art Group Atlanta, GA
Artist Assistant & Lead Artist Sept. 2003
Speciality Graphic Design
 Typography
 Print Design & Layout
 Html & CSS
 Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
Conceptual Art
 Characters and Clothing, Environments, Vehicles and Props
 Storyboard
 UI Design
 Matte Painting & Digital Illustration
Motion Graphics
 After Effects Compositing and Editing
 Flash Animation and Some Action Script 3
3D Graphics
 Modeling /High and Low polygon
 Character Rigging
 Lighting/ Rendering
 Shading Networks, Materials & Texturing /Normal & Displacement Mapping
 3D Animation
 Particle, Fluid, Cloth, Hair, Rigid & Soft body Dynamics
3D Technical Art
 Character and Object Rigging
 Particle, Cloth, Soft/Rigid Body Dynamics
 Mel Scripting
 3D Rendering
Hardware ProficiencyHardware Experience
 Windows and Mac OS
 Computer Repair, hardware installation, and updating
Other studio equipment
Traditional Art
 Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, & Mixed Media
 Layering, Glazing, and Color Match
 Experienced in stretching and preparing canvas
Software ProficiencySoftware Experience
 Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2010, Maya 2010
 Z Brush 3.5
 Adobe Photoshop CS4 & CS5, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator & Indesign

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5667 Heron CT B - Norcross, Georgia - 30071 - United States

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